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Since successfully establishing itself in the global market in 2003, Layalina’s unique blend of the finest flavoured Virginian tobacco is enjoyed all over the world and is especially cherished in the middle east.
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Launched in 2003 after two years of meticulous tobacco research and development, Layalina uses distinctive blends of premium fine Virginian tobacco from three of the leading tobacco producers in the world. The high quality ingredients, consistent taste, vast choices of classic flavors and selection of innovative exclusive flavors make Layalina known for it’s outstanding smoothness and rich, intensity flavorful smoke.
Quality is a way of life and Research & Development is the chosen path. SAMARA is proud to be a product from Layalina Tobacco Manufacturing FZC , a Research Driven & Directed organization. Creating the Premium Flavored Shisha Tobacco that brings excellent results to smoking enthusiasts has been a constant endeavor of the Research and Development team of SAMARA.  In course of our research and development, we keep our formulation and product creation as much as possible with natural and naturally derived ingredients. Our guiding principal in this quest is well known organizations of world, the proprietary and ingenious way of including nature and it's unique offerings in our compositions in the most scientific way to ensure that benefits are delivered to every smoking enthusiast. We do not use any banned, untrusted ingredients for flavoring. All products undergo numerous stringent quality control steps and are developed in accordance with very strict industrial processes so that the promised quality is delivered each time.
Launched in 2013, Shishapresso® changes the way you smoke your shisha, by introducing a first of its kind, patent pending application. The shisha industry has remained mostly unchanged for centuries but Shishapresso® brings modern convenience to this timeless tradition. You can now set up your shisha in seconds with ease and no mess! With Shishapresso®’s innovative capsule you can set up your shisha in three easy steps: shake the capsule, peel off the top and bottom stickers, and then place the capsule on top of your shisha. It’s that simple.
Ya Layl
Ya Layl is a sensational celebration of good times. The culmination of 15 years of experience in blending, Ya Layl’s high quality tobacco and fine ingredients always taste great. A unique experience, Ya Layl has a character of its own. With many flavors to choose from, real quality you can taste and affordable prices, Ya Layl is the best of both worlds.
Golden Layalina
Golden Layalina is a royal experience. Launched in 2008, Golden Layalina is the brand of choice for discerning people who value refinement and blending expertise. Using only the most superior premium molasses and superior high quality tobacco, Golden Layalina stands out in its richness and refined exclusive flavors that can’t be found elsewhere. Each puff is a majestic sensation… A tribute to the best and finest quality and taste.
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